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We are Alicia and Corey

aka “The Trainer Jones”. We help our clients take the guesswork out of getting fit so they can FINALLY achieve sustainable results. We understand how overwhelming it can be with all the information out there.

Our journey in fitness together began in 2015 when we collectively discovered the significance living a healthy and fit lifestyle would have on our relationship, our individual well-being, and ultimately our family and career. After our son was born, we realized that life was about much more than temporary gratification. We had a much greater purpose than working 9-5’s to fund our weekend party habits. We had someone who relied on the example we set forth be something that made us proud, and eventually the example we set for our son, became the example we set for tens of thousands of others through our social media outlets. The fitness journey we embarked on, not only changed our perspectives on health, but became such a strong, influential factor in our lives, that it eventually became our career as the impact was very powerful, and the fulfillment that comes from spreading this message and knowledge to others proved to us that we had found our purpose.

As your coaches, we promise to always keep our professional and personal core values at the forefront of our coaching relationship with you. We operate through hard work and openmindedness, and will always give you the benefit of the doubt. We will act with good ethics and do our best to always do what is right, regardless of the gain or loss it may bring, whether it be status, money, or otherwise. We will always do what we feel is right in our hearts. We will always show up with understanding and forgiveness, so you can always feel comfortable coming to us. Our relationship with you is very important, so we work very hard to make sure our values are represented through our coaching business.

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At Selfmade Training Facility, We Help Build Champions. Self Made Training Facility San Marcos is an exclusive, membership free, personal training facility. We offer 7,500 square feet of elite equipment and partner with over 25 personal trainers that specialize in various training styles, have experience in working with any fitness level ranging from beginner to advanced, and all age ranges.

Our trainers here provide you with a personally guided, and effective plan of action to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, build muscle, lose fat, increase mobility, and optimize your overall health; we invite you to come and check out our facility. Let one of our experienced personal trainers get you started on those goals of yours today!

803 W. San Marcos Blvd

San Marcos, California 92078

(760) 331-3386



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